At Itineris, our employment mission is to help adults with autism become more accessible to businesses like yours.


According to the US Department of Labor, individuals with disabilities, including autism, represent the third largest market segment in the United States. At Itineris, our employment mission is to make this underutilized segment more accessible to businesses like yours. Persons with autism bring strengths in many different areas and create innovative, cohesive, productive teams that better represent your business’ diverse customer base. Our end goal is the same as yours: growth. By providing an environment for our individuals to grow, your business strengthens and grows, increasing your bottom line!


Our customized employment program establishes mutually beneficial relationships in which individuals are matched to work within preferred environments, where their skill sets complement the needs of the workplace. Government-provided tax incentives, a low turnover rate, and a passionate, dedicated employee are a few of the many benefits enjoyed by companies that hire individuals from Itineris. Current partners of Itineris note their employees with autism demonstrate unparalleled dependability, honesty, and loyalty in their work. Hiring an individual with autism also aligns with customer preferences. Studies show that customers prefer to give their business to companies who hire individuals with disabilities. There are 54 million Americans with disabilities. Partner with Itineris and see the unique benefits these individuals bring to the workforce.


Individuals at Itineris excel at doing those tasks that often are considered time-consuming and repetitive:

  • Filing paperwork, data entry, scanning documents
  • Copying, putting together mailings, shredding
  • Downsizing and organizing stock, sorting merchandise, and pulling/packing orders
  • Cleaning, dish washing, weeding, and gardening
  • Greeting customers to make them feel welcome
  • Disassembly and assembly, food prep, and set up

Individuals at Itineris are eager to turn your needs into opportunities.

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Our level of support is as personalized as our placements; all based on the needs and preferences of the employer, and completely free of charge! For those looking for support, Itineris provides extensively trained Support Coaches with work experience relevant to the job at hand. Unique approaches to accommodations and support allow for individuals from Itineris to be successful in their placements without burdening an already busy supervisor. Additionally, Itineris is able to provide employer training and technical assistance to organizations working with adults with autism when requested.


Itineris operates on a perspective that one size does not fit all. We understand that each company may have limited capability when it comes to new hires. Our partnerships are flexible to accommodate these needs, constructing payment plans and work hours that fit your business.

Flexible frameworks for employment may include:

  • Contracted workers
  • Stipend work
  • Traditional employment
  • Creation of customized positions
  • Internships
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100% of our adults are out in the community every week working in paid, volunteer/internship, and job training programs. With 75% of our adults earning competitive wages, we are three times higher than the national average (26%). Additionally, 15% have become self-employed. We currently have 54 unique job sites for 68 adults and the number of business partnerships increases regularly.

Interested in learning more about how your business can partner with us and provide a job opportunity for one of our adults?