Person-centered programs develop the skills needed for a meaningful and full life.

  • Enhances expressive and receptive communication skills using the adult’s preferred method of communication, which may include American Sign Language, Assistive Technology, and/or the Picture Exchange Communication System.
  • Provides our adults with structure and predictability in their individual daily schedule.
  • Helps our adults learn new skills and maintain previously learned skills to facilitate successful and independent work and life.
  • Provides technology and office work training to include resume building, typing skills, office practice skills and increasing cyber safety.
  • Develops skills needed to enhance community employment. Skills may include workplace grooming and hygiene, money management and budgeting, and social skills focusing on peer and professional relationships.
  • Develops skills needed to enhance independence and community integration, including menu and meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking, and maintaining personal living space.
  • Identifies and develops recreational and leisure skills that can become lifelong activities.
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