Community Development Services


Each adult partner has the opportunity throughout the week to enjoy functional community-based activities to practice the skills necessary for an independent and successful life. Activities help our adults generalize skills, such as grocery shopping, using the bank, or taking a walk in their own neighborhoods.

Some of our adult partners are either not ready or not interested in competitive paid employment. In addition, adult partners who are engaged in paid employment, but have other needs that outweigh their job-coaching needs (such as behavior supports, emotional regulation skills, and/or mental health considerations) may also work closely with the Community Development Team.  

Itineris programs specifically designed for adults with autism include:

            - Pre-vocational curriculum
            - Career Development classes
            - Social Skills Classes
            - Flexibility groups
            - Sensory Art and Drew Putzel Creative Arts Program
            - Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
            - PEAK (Promoting Emergency of Advanced Knowledge) Relational Training
            - Health, Relationships, and Sexuality curriculum

For all clients we offer the following Community Development Services:

We use the most up-to-date, empirically-validated interventions to develop:

            - skills and social supports necessary to gain, retain, or advance competitive
              integrated employment opportunities (for those interested)
            - socially acceptable and expected behavior
            - self-advocacy skills

Opportunities for Itineris adult partners include:

            - activities that promote integration and inclusion in the community community
            - identifying a path to employment (for those interested)
            - travel training (car, mobility, light rail, bus, and pedestrian safety)
            - participation in local community events
            - volunteering
            - paid and unpaid internships

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